When I was 6 years old, I already dreamed of hitting on such a nice kit. 
But I had to wait a little while longer. First I beat on down comforters with sticks I had found in our backyard; but Mom wasn't too thrilled about it and the comforters were soon destroyed.
In 1990, I headed out to Hollywood to study at PIT (Musicians Institute) to finally add some techniques to my self taught banging. One year turned into 14 years, most of which I spent in the San Francisco Bay Area. An incredible time filled with great music, musicians, recordings and live-shows.
In 2004 I returned to Hamburg and have since been playing with many bands and working on various projects.
Along the way I founded my own studio and label SOLID ROCK MUSIC in 2008. 
For the last few years I've been asked more and more for recording sessions - local and international projects - which is incredibly fun for me. With my Presonus StuioLive32 I am super equipped and very flexible to deliver first class recordings even without traveling. 

On this website you can find most of what I have done so far.
Feel free to write me!