Lorenz Cornelisen

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My love for San Francisco is still as strong as it ever was. 
During my 14 years living in the Bay Area, I got to meet many fantastic musicians.
I am still in touch with many of them and throughout the years we have managed to continue to write and play music together - thanks to great technologies. 
So please keep checking for some more great projects ... :)



The recordings for a new studio album with the "new band" are in full swing... Nevertheless, it will probably take until summer 2023 until the first songs can be heard officially. We are writing, arranging and the first 6 tracks are in the can.

I am so happy to already announce that a new band has been formed this spring, 2020. Together with some of the finest musicians I am currently writing up a storm for a new album! We are making rapid process and it is soooo exciting. We are all leaving each rehearsal with big smiles on our faces. None of us have ever experienced such a chemistry. Amazing.
Still we need a little bit of time.
As soon as I have some clips for you, you'll see and hear them here. 
Stay tuned! :)